Drake Would You Like A Tour? DJ Competition - (London,Sheffield,Birmingham,Nottingham,Manchester) by Niya Mignott Brock on Mixcloud

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Opening up for Drake in London

Opening Up For Drake Would Be CRAZY !!! Have a listen to my DJ Set to help me out

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Here’s a set I did for a Dj Competition to Open up for Drake & The Weeknd in the UK

PYD Remix Prod. Niya Brock 

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/s06vq…

SoundCould: https://soundcloud.com/niya-brock

New shit 

wybyle-deactivated20131005 said: I don't know you are or why you decided to follow me but thanks and your music sounds really nice and relaxing.

LOL Thanks 

gcodegfb said: what do you make your beats on?

I use FL Studios 

Niya Brock

OMG DONT CLICK ON THIS  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell you at the End” MosheX produced by Niya Brock

Baroque - Prod Niya Brock

Four Twenty Enjoy Guys Prod by Niya Brock
SoundCould: https://soundcloud.com/niya-brock

Drake - Girls Love Beyonce (Chopped & Screwed)